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100% of the confidential waste paper we shred is recycled .

Branded items are a great marketing tool. There is no better way to incept your company, product or service into the minds of potential customers than by having them see your logo or company name when they are out and about.

Whether that be a pen they pick up to write their next cheque, a leaflet they are handed as they shop on the high-street, or a uniform they see on one of your employees as they go about their daily activities. But just as any product does, branded items have a shelf-life.

You may have changed your logo, or put a piece of promotion on a branded item that is no longer applicable. Having marketing materials that say 2 for 1 is great, but not so great when the offer is no longer available! QDataShred can help you destroy or shred any branded items that need to be disposed of, and anything that can be recycled will be.
Thinking about possible destruction shouldn’t stop you from creating your next piece of branded promotion. Feel free to create knowing that there is a company out there that can help you destroy and recycle branded items safely. QDataShred can also destroy company ID cards; cards that are data sensitive and cards that in the wrong hands could give the wrong people access to your company or its information.

If you currently have a storage room filled with unnecessary branded items, don’t view them as a burden any longer. Call QDataShred and we can have the items destroyed, and recycled where applicable, in the blink of an eye.

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