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Plymouth is and has been the centre of a lot of things, including start-up businesses and with start-ups comes one thing – data.

As paperless as the world is and will continue to be, good old-fashioned documents still haven’t gone out of style. We still print, trade, provide and swap paper documents at the same rate as we’ve always done, but the ways we go on to destroy those documents has changed. There are now rules in place and compliance to consider.

The data a company trades in is sensitive and valuable, but not only to the company, but the person to whom the data refers. People trust that when their data is given to a company, the company will treat the data with the utmost respect, including the way that it is destroyed. From Wall Street to Plymouth, the rules are clear – shred and dispose of documents safely and completely or face hefty fines. QStore is a company that specialises in just that, but it isn’t simply paper that we can destroy.

Hard drives contain more data than any one document can, and destroying them isn’t as simple as dragging a file to the recycle bin and clicking empty on your computer. Hard drives need to be destroyed but because of their components, doing so yourself can not only be a risk to your safety, but a genuine environmental hazard. There are specific ways to destroy hard drives and QStore are well-versed in those techniques.

Wherever you are in Plymouth, whatever your business sells or whatever service you provide, you can rest assured that QDataShred can help you destroy hard drives or shred paper documents compliantly, safely and quickly.

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