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New businesses and companies are sprouting up every day and that means one thing – data. Data is being collected, used and offloaded at an unprecedented rate and at QDataShred we are specialists in shredding and destroying data that is no longer needed.

Whether you are a new business in Torquay or one that has blessed England’s south-west for decades, we understand that you may need services like ours. The way that you collect data has changed thanks to the GDPR and so has the way you use that data, but it is important to know that the way you dispose of that data has changed too. There are rules, protocols and compliance factors that need to be considered when you destroy data, which is why simply binning old and unnecessary documents isn’t recommended.

That is where QDataShred comes in. We know, understand and are well-practiced in the methods of safe, compliant and clean shredding and destruction, and we can come to any business in Torquay and provide our services. We cover the entirety of Torquay and beyond and our services can be used as and when you need. From our one-off service to a weekly or monthly pick-up, we can provide your business with lockable bins that you can place sensitive data in to be destroyed or shredded by us.

Don’t wait a second longer. Not only is destroying data a must, but there are time constraints. If you are found to be holding on to documents or data you shouldn’t be in possession of there are heavy fines and penalties, so get in touch with QDataShred today and we can handle your shredding and destruction needs.

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