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Outsource your shredding

With growing identity theft and the arrival of GDPR, disposing of confidential data has never been so important, you could spend hours removing staples and feeding each page laboriously through a shredding machine getting frustrated with endless paper jambs.

Our you could outsource your confidential waste destruction to QdataShred.
Why outsource?

Some of the benefits in taking this approach to your Secure shredding are:

  • Destruction with out trace with end to end?
  • Confidential waste is collected and logged at a prearranged time by QdataShred employed, uniformed staff in tracked and cctv protected vans, shredded and recycled, Providing the client with a certificate of destruction providing end to end?
  • Undecipherable waste
  • Office shredders cut document into strips that could be matched together, large industrial shredders use technology that cuts the waste into small unrecognisable pieces, leaving no chance that the documents could be pieced together when destroyed with this method.
  • Confidentiality within the office

QdataShred can provide lockable consoles with in your office that can be emptied on a regular basis. By installing consoles you eliminate the chance of data falling into the hands of a disgruntled employ, cleaners or even visitors to your Site.

Your confidential waste can be collected at your convenience, QdataShred are completely flexible, your collection can be a fixed weekly, fortnightly or monthly, could be on demand and can be varied if your requirements change.

Create space.
At certain times of the year historic confidential documents can be destroyed. QdataShred can-do one-off volume clearance providing full traceability end to end.
When space is at a premium QdataShred can provide a full document management solution, logging, storing, retrieving and delivering them to you if required, even scanning them for digital storage. As well as confidently destroying them as you require.

Reduce costs.
All the existing cost and resource spent buying, maintaining and feeding that shredder that never works when you need it or the frustration seeing your valued staff wasting time removing staples, paperclip and removing documents from files will be gone, your staff can concentrate what they are good at and add greater value to your bottom line.

GDPR Compliance
With the introduction of GDPR and the growing threat of identity fraud compliance with current data protection legislation has very important. By outsourcing your confidential waste destruction to QdataShred you can provide a paper trial to show your company complied with the regulations managing your data and confidentially destroying any unnecessary documents accordingly.

Carbon Footprint
When you have spent the time and effort shredding your documents you can find it hard to dispose of it, many local authorities will not accept it with general paper recycling and you will need a lot of hamsters that require bedding. All paper confidentially destroyed by QdataShred is recycled into tissue paper NOTHING GOES TO LANDFILL. Every sheet of paper you have QdataShred process, helps decrease your carbon footprint.

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