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One off clear outs

Confidential shredding comes in many forms. Some businesses require a steady service, with a company like ours coming in on a regular basis to ensure that their data is securely shredded and destroyed, but that doesn’t mean a one-and-done service isn’t necessary.

Your company may be wrapping up and needs all of its documents shredding and any sensitive information destroyed. Or you may have been stock-piling documents for years, even decades, and need a one-time clear-out. That’s where we come in. QStore can come in, one time, and handle all of your data and document destroying needs without the need for a steady weekly or monthly contract.

The way a company handles customer or client data has changed, and it’s time for you go to get compliant, and our service is exactly that. We are GDPR compliant, eco-friendly – meaning that our destruction techniques don’t do damage to the atmosphere – and we are quick and discreet. Just as the people you work with and for trust you with their data, information and sensitive documents, you can trust us.

We provide certifications of destruction and our practices are as air-tight as it gets. Trust is a big part of our service, and you can ensure that your data won’t be privy to prying eyes. Shredded means shredded, destroyed means destroyed and anything we can recycle we do. You don’t need to view your stockpile of paper, documents or data as a waste because we ensure that there is as little waste as possible.

If you are interested in our one-off shredding, document destruction or clear-out services, get in touch with us today and one of our team will arrange a site-visit to suit you.